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Guardians of the Deep. Wherever Your Deep May Be.

Our on-call, on-site aquarium service and sales concept works for two reasons:

  1. We arrive on-site, on time, with the supplies and knowledge to keep your aquarium’s environment thriving.
  2. Our focus on personal attention means we know you, we know your fish and we treat your aquatic pets and equipment with the utmost care and respect.


Once-A-Month Service Plan: Once a month our experienced service tech will visit your tank, change 20-30% of the water, test the water, make any necessary adjustments, wipe down both sides of your glass, inspect fish for any illness or abnormality, and then top your water back off. We also check under the hood and make sure your pump and filtration are working properly. If we find any issues – such as sick fish or equipment failures – we’re prepared to heal or repair right on the spot.

Bi-Weekly or Weekly: Some tanks have delicate environments and require inspection every other week or sometimes weekly. These service visits are similar to our monthly visits, but the water changes remain at the standard monthly interval. However, these plans provide more regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning for the most complex seascapes.

Just call us at (407) 521-4492 to set up an initial visitation and service plan pricing/recommendations.


So you’ve made the decision, “It’s time to get a saltwater tank.” Maybe your friend has a saltwater tank or you were in a restaurant and saw one, but you were instantly mesmerized and just gotta have a tank yourself! Trust us. We know how you feel. Aquariums are our hobby, our passion and our business. Well, if you fall into this category but don’t know where to start, just give us a call! We’ve designed tanks as small as 12-gallon nano cubes to as large as a 3,000-gallon shark tank.

Our experts have the knowledge and creative eye to transform your wishes into underwater reality. From corals to eels, lionfish and more. Looking Glass is the place to start when you’re ready to take the dive.

Please visit our Gallery page to see photos of actual tanks that we have serviced, stocked, installed and designed.

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