Have you seen the Spacearium?

It’s the latest and greatest in aquarium technology. And Looking Glass is Orlando’s Exclusive Provider of the Spacearium: a breathtaking elliptical, hanging aquarium with no visual obstructions. Click here for more information and photos.

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We proudly carry the following aquariums:


Orlando's Premier Saltwater Aquarium Store!

Fish, Food, Filters, Maintenance and More.
Call us. We Come to You.

Looking Glass Aquariums is much more than your average fish store. We’re personal friends of your fish and caretakers of your tank. Plus, we deliver services, fish and supplies to your location. Undoubtedly, we set the standard of quality, customer service and savings in exotic fish and reef aquariums in Orlando.

Our innovative approach to one-on-one aquarium care provides customers with unique benefits:

Orlando’s Best Undersea Pricing.

We have all the advantages of a typical brick-and-mortar store, but without the ridiculous overhead and rent. We ditched those costs and now offer our customers fish and supplies at Internet-style pricing. So, on average we can beat a store price by 20%, plus we deliver.

So Many Fish. So Many Corals. So Much Savings.

When you want a fish, or a coral, we’ll get it for you. Any fish. Well, maybe not a Great White Shark, but our selection easily exceeds that of any local fish store, plus we supply them to you at exceptional savings. And we personally inspect the health and well-being of all fish before they ever set sail in your tank. Visit our Gallery page to see tanks we’ve stocked.

20 Years of Service Experience. A Lifetime of Personal Attention.

Our clients say it best: “I want to say how impressed I am with your promptness, efficiency and dedication to my project.” We consider our customers’ fish and corals as pets. And we provide the same comprehensive, personal service you’d expect from a veterinarian. For example, if your aquarium pump malfunctions at midnight, just call us and we’ll immediately bring you a loaner pump or safely transport your fish to a “hospital tank” until we stabilize your aquarium. Visit our Services page for details

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